Month: May 2008

Why I don’t goto bed right after getting off work at 3am

Well lets see I work evenings and when you work evenings you turn into some sort of nocturnal creature. What gets me is one of my friends who happens to also be a business partner in a venture we have together why I get up at 3pm once I get off work at 3am, well to answer that there are a few things.

First of all I have to walk home from work at 3am, there is no bus service and nor do I want to pay a for a cab. so it takes me about an hour or so to get home depends on the route, weather, and how many stops I make on the way home while walking.

Secondly once I get home I have to spend some time winding down eat a lite meal before heading to bed. This is about an hour to two depending on how much winding down I need to do and what I feel like eating. As well I sometimes spend some time writing on my blog as it is 5:20am and I am righting this blog entry.

I would love to meet a single person that gets off work at 3am and comes straight home and into bed, I doubt there is a single person that does that. Now I will admit that when I have worked days I’ve come home and had a nap right after work but It only lasts about 2 hours then I’m back up and doing stuff.


What is driving you?

What is driving you, or your business? Is it keeping up with the Joneses or is it something else?  I can say for myself at times it has been keeping up with the Joneses. I have come to the realization that when I am trying to keep up with the Joneses I’m trying  to live the dreams of someone else. I have to start living my dreams and start to focus on my dreams not matching my dreams to  someone else dreams.  I have to get my own Dreams and let my own dreams drive my life.

The pursuit of dreams can be hard and long, but first you need to determine your own dreams. This can be done by doing a sit down with a pad of paper and pen and just start writing your dreams as they come to mind, you don’t have to be realistic but they have to be possible. Some examples from my dream list are getting married, having kids, blowing up a building, launching a satellite, and all of these are very possible. So don’t let anyone or any dream be omitted from your list of dreams

Satureday Night @ BP

I got called in to work this fine evening to assist and cover a part of someone else’s shift, I was scheduled to work from 9pm to 12am but ended up working from 8:45pm to 1:45am. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining about the fact that I got 2 extra hours of work. For it being my 3rd shift at BP I feel I did well and so did my co-workers. At one point during my shift I did feel a little overwhelmed with the work but that will be overcome once I know the menu much better.

Enviromental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship,

I want to make a point that I make as much effort I possibly can to limit the amount of carbon foot print I produce.

What really slays me is the number of Bottles and Cans that can be recycled but yet so many people just carelessly toss them in the garbage or to the side. That is why my self and a Close friend of my make it our purpose to pick up the cans and bottle that are discarded like last nights left over slit pea soup. At any given time I could possibly have $20 – $50 of recyclable product sitting in my dinning room. until my friend is able to pick them up. A lot of people don’t believe it when I say to them that between myself and my friend we have collected and stored over $600 of returnable recyclable product at her farm. and is just from us starting at the beginning of 2008.

The next major thing that gets me is the people that get in there cars to drive down the block to pickup a jug of milk or a pack of smokes then drive back home.