Security Tip: Facebook Photo Albums

A lot of people I would say do not know about some of the security and privacy features of FaceBook and the Photo Album.

Situation 1:
“You are the proud parents of a new baby. Your family is scattered all over the world and you just want your family to be able to see the beautiful pictures of your new baby, but you’re afraid that who else will see those photos of your little bundle of joy.”

It is very simple to set this up with FaceBook.  When you go to create an album you have the standard form, Name the Album, Location, and Desctiption. Right below that is Privacy Settings. This is where I would like to focus. mainly is this little section.

By default the slection for privecy setting who can see this? is set to everyone.  What you want to do is select “Custom” Once you have selected Custom… you will recieve the “Edit Photo Album Privecy” dialog  Select Some Friends. In the text input feild start typing the names of the friends, or the name of the friend list that you want to have viewing rights on your photos.

Don’t for get to Click save.


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