Carbon Footprint

Enviromental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship,

I want to make a point that I make as much effort I possibly can to limit the amount of carbon foot print I produce.

What really slays me is the number of Bottles and Cans that can be recycled but yet so many people just carelessly toss them in the garbage or to the side. That is why my self and a Close friend of my make it our purpose to pick up the cans and bottle that are discarded like last nights left over slit pea soup. At any given time I could possibly have $20 – $50 of recyclable product sitting in my dinning room. until my friend is able to pick them up. A lot of people don’t believe it when I say to them that between myself and my friend we have collected and stored over $600 of returnable recyclable product at her farm. and is just from us starting at the beginning of 2008.

The next major thing that gets me is the people that get in there cars to drive down the block to pickup a jug of milk or a pack of smokes then drive back home.