Why I don’t goto bed right after getting off work at 3am

Well lets see I work evenings and when you work evenings you turn into some sort of nocturnal creature. What gets me is one of my friends who happens to also be a business partner in a venture we have together why I get up at 3pm once I get off work at 3am, well to answer that there are a few things.

First of all I have to walk home from work at 3am, there is no bus service and nor do I want to pay a for a cab. so it takes me about an hour or so to get home depends on the route, weather, and how many stops I make on the way home while walking.

Secondly once I get home I have to spend some time winding down eat a lite meal before heading to bed. This is about an hour to two depending on how much winding down I need to do and what I feel like eating. As well I sometimes spend some time writing on my blog as it is 5:20am and I am righting this blog entry.

I would love to meet a single person that gets off work at 3am and comes straight home and into bed, I doubt there is a single person that does that. Now I will admit that when I have worked days I’ve come home and had a nap right after work but It only lasts about 2 hours then I’m back up and doing stuff.