Global Warming or Global Cooling?

Glaciers Growth in Alaska

Glaciers Growth in Alaska

I find it intresting that I red an article on infowars.com that the Alaskan glaciers have grown in the past year due to a lower then average tempature during the summer (3 Degrees or so). Are the glaciers shrinking I feel they are not shrinking as the global warmming groups say, when you have reported growth of mass of the glaciers in alaska as well growth of the poler ice.

It is mentioned also that in the article that the rate of shrinkage of the glaciers in Alaska has been slowing since the 1900’s, where from 1740’s to the 1900’s was when the largest amount of shrinkage of the glaciers was reported.

It also has been reported that the world goes threw natural heating and cooling cycles, as well the reduced solar activity or solar flares of the have also caused the cooler tempatures.